Steel Belt Seat

A 6" wide molded seat with galvanized triangle hardware. This tough swing has high carbon, steel spring inserts to help resist vandalism. 6" x 24"

Belt Seat

5-1/2" x 26" injection molded seat. This all weather design has sturdy molded inserts. Requires the use of H-13R S-hooks.

Belt Seat

5-1/2" x 26-1/14" injection molded seat. This all weather design has sturdy molded inserts.

Full Bucket Seat

A 5" wide band completely surrounds toddlers. This seat has steel inserts for increased durability.

Half Infant

Steel core reinforcements and galvanized triangular hardware provides extra support for young children. Shown with optional S-11 chain.

Flat Seat

An exclusive design, this is our newest flat seat. Molded from light-weight, rigid high-density polyethylene. It comes complete with galvanized hardware. 9-1/2" x 20"

Trapeze Bars

These coated steel trapeze bars are tough enough for any playground jungle. Length 20". Complete with eye hooks

Triangular Trapeze Rings

These heavy duty trapeze rings are durable. Heavy coating goes all the way to the connection point.

Coated Ring $66.00
Polished Aluminum $49.99
Buoy Ball

Swingers float through the air with this bouncy buoy ball. Injection molded end for high strength. 16" diameter.

Climbing Rock Holds

Tough polyethylene molded rock holds. Comes as set of 4. Dimensions: Approx. 5 1/2" x 4".

$69.95 per dozen
Bolt Swing Hanger

These easy to install galvanized steel bolt-through swing hangers are a good low-cost alternative to cast hangers. Comes complete with tough nylon bushing and hardware.

Tire Swivel

This light duty tire swivel comes complete with a hardened steel ball and ball bearings. Includes grease fitting.

3-Point Tire Swivel

Your tire swing needs one of these heavy duty tire swivels. The three point mounting system makes attaching hardware easy. Powder coating finish and hardened steel ball with special ball bearings makes this part ready for years of heavy use. Includes grease fitting.


This is our full line of high quality commercial grade s-hooks. 3/8" diameter.

Clevis Connectors

An alternative to s-hooks these galvanized connectors provide a more secure, tamper-resistant connection. Requires SH-41 key.

A. Single Clevis $11.00
B. Double Clevis $11.00
C. Clevis Key $3.99
Spring Clips

Easy to use one hand application carabineer type clip. 5/16" diameter. 3-1/8" x 1-5/8"

Extra Heavy Duty Tire Swivel

This is our line of extra heavy duty tire swivels. Design features rubber boot over universal joint, grease fitting for easy maintenance and three point mounting system to help reduce pinches and tangles. Top plate included with each design.

Ductile Iron Swing Hangers

These high-quality galvanized ductile iron swing hangers have a steel pivot bolt that suspends a tough bronze bushing.

2 3/8 top bar $40.00
3 1/2 top bar $60.00
Ductile Iron Swing Hangers

Galvanized ductile iron swing hanger with a steel pivot and bronze bushing.

Plastic Coated Chain

Colorful chains are plastisol coated for 30". This coating produces a soft grip and reduces pinching. Zinc plated 3/16" links.

5'-6" long $35.00
5'-6" long $39.00

Hot dipped galvanized playground chain. Available in any length. Sold per foot. (3/16" links)

$3.99 per foot
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